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Tumacacori AZ: Gorgeous Scenery with Rich History

Tumacacori, AZ, an unincorporated community in Arizona’s Santa Cruz County, is well-known for its distinctive historical parks. The municipality provides a friendly and safe neighborhood for the kids to grow up in. The community of Tumacacori is vibrant and welcoming to newcomers and visitors. The locals organize Numerous celebrations and activities so that people can interact and have fun together. The Anza Days celebration in Tumacacori is one of these entertaining events. The day starts with mass in Tumacacori’s historic church. At that time, Juan Bautista de Anza’s landmark trail took him and his soldiers from Tumac├ícori to Tubac along the Santa Cruz River. The whole family will have an enjoyable day today. Tumacacori is known for its gorgeous scenery and rich history, making it the ideal vacation spot.


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Latest homes for sale in Tumacacori, AZ

2007 Frontage Rd E: The Tumacacori Mesquite Sawmill (TMS) is a rare chance in the stunning Southwest close to Tubac, Arizona, a popular tourist destination for artists. The Sonoran Desert Velvet Mesquite is a rare and naturally flawed tree, and TMS is renowned for responsibly harvesting it and turning it into timber, crafts, and exquisite one-of-a-kind wood goods.

4 Old Bailey Crossing: Great room for improvement in Tumacacori. You can live there while operating a small business because this property has business and residential zones! Additionally, having no HOA gives you greater freedom in using the property.

1929 I-19 Frontage Road: This house is in a B2 zone on East Frontage Road. Enjoy living in your home while you have a little business potential. The house has a sizable backyard and is on.41 acres. The front yard’s established greenery provides private space.


Schools in Tumacacori

Santa Cruz Unified School District: Our schools have highly skilled teachers and committed staff members who genuinely care about each student’s success. Our teachers and assistants put their best into all they do, whether it is engaging the students in stimulating discussions, hands-on tasks, small-group mentorship, or other fun activities and opportunities for learning.

Montessori De Santa Cruz: The public Montessori de Santa Cruz Charter School is a free institution for every student. It also includes a top-notch tuition-based preschool program that provides young children in our neighboring areas with a supportive learning environment and childcare. Using the techniques and resources particular to a Montessori education, the Montessori de Santa Cruz academic curriculum adheres to the Arizona State Academic Standards. The classrooms are expanded to embrace modern educational trends and are completely furnished with Montessori resources.


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