San Carlos Rockin Jump

San Carlos Rockin Jump: Variety of Unique Events

In San Carlos, California (U.S.A.), there is a trampoline park called San Carlos Rockin Jump. Indoor playgrounds with up to 8,000 square meters of trampoline attractions are known as trampoline parks. Typically, there is a sizable free-jump area with a network of interconnected trampolines, an airbag or foam pit, and a slam dunk. The site focuses on offering a clean and safe environment, and other activities are available. The Rockin’ Jump trampoline park is for you if you enjoy trampolining or wish to exercise. Thanks to the diversity of jumping zones and activities, the kids and parents will have a thrilling couple of hours. For those who prefer to watch and keep an eye on their jumpers, numerous benches, tables, couches, and even massage chairs are available. The entire family will enjoy Rockin’ Jump Indoor Trampoline Park, a food court, video games, and birthday packages.


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A Jumping Experience Like No Other

Reservations for jump time are accepted for the trampoline park in increments of 30 minutes. Unfortunately, your complete payment is non-refundable. However, it may be postponed to a later date. Every rockin’ jumper requires a signed waiver, which, if you are under 18, must be signed by your parent/guardian. Fill out the online waiver, please. Once registered with us, you won’t need to complete another release for a full calendar year. Please get there ten minutes early for your appointment. If you arrive late, you risk losing your seat to a stand-by rockin’ jumper. Participants must jump in our reusable Rockin’ Socks, which cost $3.99, to ensure a safe and clean atmosphere. For safety concerns, outside socks are prohibited within the Rockin’ Jump San Carlos indoor trampoline park.


Rockin Jump in San Carlos

We’re genuinely quite simple to comprehend. Like you, we enjoy having fun while simultaneously wanting to work out. It was delightful. We decided to build a space where people could jump and flip in open arenas, dive into soft foam pools, play trampoline dodgeball, and more in place of stair climbers and weight machines. We also wanted a new option for family get-togethers and birthday parties, where good food and exclusive party areas were guaranteed, and our kids could play without danger while we chatted with other parents. You can get the necessary workout at the rockin’ jump and have much fun. In 2010, two families had the idea, and it took off to become one of the country’s most well-liked recreation and fitness locations. The Rockin’ Jump, San Carlos location, is open every day and provides a variety of unique events.


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