Peter Gill Memorial Park

Exploring the Recreational Space of Peter Gill Memorial Park

Finally, it’s the weekend! The day starts with a sun-kissed morning, a gentle breeze, and the promise of a perfect day out. What better way to spend it than grabbing a ball and packing a picnic basket? If you live in Central Milpitas, head to Peter Gill Memorial Park. Locals have been raving about how clean it is and how it is a serene escape away from bustling intersections. All you need to bring is your love for the outdoors (and maybe a comfortable pair of shoes), as the amenities promise convenience with everything you need. These include picnic tables and shelters that offer pleasant spaces for gatherings to a vibrant playground equipped with exhilarating slides and swings for kids to enjoy. For those with a competitive spirit, the grounds feature basketball, tennis, pickleball courts, and a full-sized baseball field. There are plenty of benches and bleachers you can rest upon as you stroll along the extensive path. There is a balance of shaded spots and areas bathed in sunlight for everyone’s enjoyment.


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Dining and Shopping Delights

When you’re ready for a fast-food favorite or a shopping spree, you just have to walk a short distance to the commercial establishments near Peter Gill Memorial Park. Across the street at Town Center Dr are delectable sushi platters at Yoshi Sushi, enchiladas and burritos of La Milpita, and the classic offerings at McDonald’s. Are you craving bagels? Choose from Noah’s N.Y. Bagels’ signature creations. For Asian cravings, Panda Express is an excellent choice, while seafood enthusiasts can indulge in treats from Red Lobster. If you remember you need to buy a carton of milk or stock up on household essentials, Safeway is conveniently located nearby. For a touch of international flair, explore India Metro Hypermarket. Need to squeeze in a workout session? Look no further than 24-hour fitness. With these stores easily accessible, you can conveniently run errands without sacrificing time for recreation.


Lovely Homes Near Peter Gill Memorial Park

You’ve got open space, playgrounds, sports courts, and picnic spots. You’ve got dining, shopping, and entertainment spots. The only thing left to discuss is the gorgeous homes near Peter Gill Memorial Park, and you’ve got all the must-haves of a well-established community! The area offers single-family homes valued from $600,000 to $2.87 million. They span from two to six bedrooms and feature two to four bathrooms, providing spacious living for families of all sizes. The interior living space ranges from 1,100 sq ft to 3,300 sq ft, ensuring ample elbow room where you can grow. Properties boast lots ranging from 0.05 acres to 0.26 acres, providing the perfect area for outdoor activities and relaxation. Architectural creations showcase Contemporary and Traditional designs that combine appealing exteriors with modern amenities. A 4-minute journey will take you to William Burnett Elementary School, while a 1.2-mile distance is Milpitas High School. This inviting community blends the tranquility of the surroundings, impressive styles, and utmost convenience.


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