Key Colony Beach Homes for Sale: A Charming Island

Key Colony Beach Homes for Sale

In the Middle Florida Keys, there is a charming island town called Key Colony Beach including Key Colony Beach Homes for Sale. Key Colony Beach, one of the most desired and sought-after neighborhoods in the Middle Keys, is a throwback to the past and embodies what small island living is all about. This lovely island, which became a city in 1957, offers almost everything within convenient walking or bicycling distance. Numerous mom-and-pop establishments may be found on Key Colony Beach, such as a marina, diving and tackle shop, restaurants, apparel boutiques, gift shops, charter fishing boats, and a few tiny motels. Key Colony even boasts a five-person police force and its own post office. Both locals and visitors can take part in a range of activities at Key Colony Beach if they’re seeking for something to do off the ocean. Spend the afternoon playing 9 holes of golf at Key Colony Beach or ride your bike to a tennis or pickleball match.

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Sandy Beaches

If the Florida Keys are known for anything, it’s for not having any famous beaches, especially ones with smooth sandy shorelines. One of the few outliers in the Florida Keys that offers coastal single-family houses for sale with private white sand beaches is Key Colony Beach. Nevertheless, the starting price for one of these residences starts at over $5 million. Florida Keys canal front single-family beach homes for sale are a good alternative for buyers wishing to save money. By becoming a member of the Cabana Club, a member-only exclusive swim and beach club, all residents in Key Colony Beach can enjoy a sandy beach. Inch Beach, which is situated on W, is possibly the most upscale beach in Key Colony. Ocean Drive has 160 owners and stockholders, and shares are infrequently on the market for purchase.

Various Home Styles

Many different housing designs, including stilted and ground-level dwellings, are available in Key Colony Beach. Numerous studies have confirmed what many people have held to be true for a long time: living near or on the water is healthier. Living by the water is advantageous for your health as well as maybe for your financial situation. Stilted buildings make the most of the site’s restricted space by elevating the home above flood levels and allowing the downstairs area to be used for storage, outdoor entertaining, and covered parking. Carports are more typical in Florida Keys single-family houses for sale. Fewer than 20% of homes in the Keys have attached garages, leaving many homebuyers to wonder why. In hurricanes, garage doors provide a particular danger since wind frequently enters through them, lifting the linked roof structure. A carport, however, has an opening that allows wind to pass through.


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