Houses for Sale in Brigden Ranch

Your Next Home Awaits with the Houses for Sale in Brigden Ranch

You may have to drop by several open houses to help you choose whether you prefer a Cape Cod, Southwest, Traditional, Colonial, or Tuscan design, as Brigden Ranch offers them all. If it is the lifestyle you consider most, you can find cozy and low-maintenance living spaces with condominiums priced between $420,000 and $500,000. These are studio units with a living area of 880 square feet. The townhomes offer a bit more room and privacy with 900 square feet. Prices range from $460,000 to $710,000 for a two-bedroom, two-bathroom unit. If luxury living is what you desire, high-end houses for sale in Brigden Ranch are also available. The stunning properties feature three to six bedrooms and one to three bathrooms, ranging from $1.1 million to $1.9 million. They are situated on generous land plots spanning 0.13 to 0.52 acres providing ample zones for relaxation and entertainment. These dwellings exude elegance and provide a comfortable haven for you and your family, offering 1,100 to 3,400 square feet of interior living space.


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The Classic Charm of Houses for Sale in Brigden Ranch

The houses in Brigden Ranch are primarily built between 1927 and 1978. They have stood the test of time and witnessed cherished memories within their walls. The good thing about considering older homes is the perk of having mature landscaping and majestic old-growth trees, lending a sense of serenity and privacy to each property. You’ll find original wood floorings that bear the marks of time, telling stories of generations past. But that doesn’t mean old creaky old floors and tasteless interiors. These houses have been thoughtfully updated to meet present-day needs. The efficient layouts create comfortable and practical spaces. Recessed lighting adds a touch of contemporary elegance, illuminating the living room with a warm glow. Built-in storage, custom cabinetry, and stainless steel appliances enhance the functionality and style of the kitchens, creating a seamless blend of old and new. Separate laundry rooms provide convenience and organization, while newer roofs ensure peace of mind for years. These residences offer a rare opportunity to own a piece of the good old days while enjoying the comforts of modern living.


The Impressive Location of Brigden Ranch

Brigden Ranch has an array of amenities within reach. Families will appreciate the proximity of schools, ensuring a seamless educational journey for their young ones. You’ll even come across a couple of little free libraries, providing opportunities to discover and exchange books with neighbors. You can visit local boutiques, well-known retailers, fast food eateries, and sit-down restaurants whenever you need to socialize. Stay active with numerous gyms and fitness centers nearby, or relax at the green spaces, dog parks, and hiking trails offering endless recreation. Routine check-ups, specialized treatments, or emergency care are also easily accessible with the surrounding healthcare facilities, and within a short distance, you’ll find a variety of churches allowing you to nurture your spiritual well-being. The community’s accessibility is further enhanced by its proximity to I-210, a major freeway connecting the district to other parts of the city and beyond.


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