Hillsborough CA Homes for Sale

Hillsborough CA Homes for Sale: A Business Zone

Hillsborough, CA Homes for Sale is primarily a residential town in San Mateo County and is regarded as virtually entirely residential due to the absence of a business zone. Hillsborough grew into a top and exclusive residential enclave, with homes typically valued in the millions of dollars due to their vast size and remarkable amenities. Hillsborough has excellent attractions, notably the historic structures, despite the need for more tourism infrastructure or eateries inside the town boundaries. A trip to Hillsborough allows you to experience the most prominent sites in the town and the neighboring metropolitan regions. Hillsborough has numerous locations and activities to impact anybody visiting the area and adjacent cities. A visit to Hillsborough shows the top sites of interest inside the city and its neighboring metropolitan areas.


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Hillsborough CA Highlights

Hillsborough has a more substantial commitment to social identity and more power over its decisions about land use because it is an incorporated municipality. Additionally, its elected officials are in place and can work to raise the community’s level of life. Living in an incorporated town also ensures that your neighborhood is kept up nicely, and you enjoy an outstanding balance of privacy and gathering. They are also responsible for ensuring the city is safe, which is essential for all the residents. The only non-residential assets in Hillsborough are:

  • Its public and private educational institutions.
  • The county and town halls.
  • A country club and golf course.
  • Several neighborhood parks.

Hillsborough lacks industrial zoning, so no retail stores or commercial shops are within the town’s boundaries.


Hillsborough, California Homes for Sale

1868 Floribunda Ave: Hillsborough, CA 94010: If you are looking for the finest of the best, here is a once-in-a-lifetime chance for you to enjoy your life! Great opportunity for trophy estate. 1868 Floribunda Avenue is available for you to visit after years of improvements! The lot is about five times larger than typical lots and entirely usable.

85 Fagan Dr: Do you recall the worn-out Fagan Estates mansion? New life has changed this home into a unique modernized smart-home estate. With the help of these multi-million dollar renovations, the impossible was just done! This spectacular mansion seamlessly blends traditional architecture with a contemporary interior filled with first-rate facilities.

3085 Ralston Ave: This magnificent mansion on a quiet side street stands on a superb 2-acre lot with some of Hillsborough’s most incredible panoramic bay views. Beautiful architectural finishes and details are everywhere, such as inlaid walnut floors, hand-carved fireplaces, and glass walls framing famous bay vistas and landscaping.


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