Denver’s Zip Code Map

Denver’s Zip Code Map: Going Beyond The Numbers

Zip codes are a five-digit postal code system used in the US to sort and deliver mail efficiently. They are assigned based on geographical location. Each code represents a specific area. Denver’s zip code map is organized into 77 different zones. Understanding zip codes is vital for Denver residents and visitors as they can help identify other neighborhoods, locate businesses and services, and provide valuable demographic information. Zip codes are assigned based on the first three digits. These digits determine the central mail processing facility. And the last two digits represent a specific area within that region. The first digit of a zip code generally represents a group of states from the Northeast to the west coast. Each zip code has its own set of wonders and secrets. What does the Denver zip code map hide? Read on to see what gems Denver, Colorado, holds behind those five magic numbers.


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Finding Your Vibe With Denver’s Zip Code Map

Denver boasts a broad spectrum of localities, each having its distinct persona and appeal. An approach to discovering these neighborhoods is by their zip codes. You can locate the finest places to eat, buy goods, and explore. Here are some highlights of Denver’s most vibrant neighborhoods and their zip codes:

  • Five Points (80205): This historic neighborhood is known for its Victorian houses and lively music scene.
  • LoDo (Lower Downtown) (80202): This trendy neighborhood is home to some of Denver’s best restaurants, bars, and nightlife.
  • Capitol Hill (80203): This is one of Denver’s oldest neighborhoods known for its beautiful late Victorian-era mansions and green streets.
  • Highlands/LoHi (80211): This trendy neighborhood has a mix of renovated Victorian homes and ultra-modern condos, with great views of the Highland Bridge and downtown Denver.
  • Cherry Creek (80206): This affluent neighborhood has upscale shopping and dining options and access to the Cherry Creek Trail for outdoor recreation.
  • Golden Triangle (80204): This neighborhood has a thriving arts scene and is home to the Denver Art Museum and Clyfford Still Museum.


Saving Up

Zip code maps can be a valuable tool in finding affordable neighborhoods. This applies to zip codes in various cities as well. By mapping out the least expensive zip codes in a given area, homebuyers and renters can identify neighborhoods that fit within their budget. Here are the least expensive zip codes in Denver:

  • 80219: Located in southwest Denver, this zip code includes the neighborhoods of Harvey Park, Mar Lee, and Westwood.
  • 80204: This zip code covers parts of central Denver’s West Colfax, Villa Park, and Lincoln Park neighborhoods.
  • 80221: This zip code encompasses portions of North Denver and includes the neighborhoods of Sherrelwood and Twin Lakes.
  • 80223: Located in south-central Denver, this zip code includes the neighborhoods of Baker and Overland.

Recognizing that a home’s value can change over time is important. And when choosing a particular area, other aspects may come into play. Knowing the zip code also helps you consider access to public transportation, local amenities, and safety. Nonetheless, zip code maps can provide a starting point for identifying affordable areas within a city.


Now that you know how to use zip code maps to find great neighborhoods, you can use it to find your next home. Click the link now to see what homes the Denver zip code map has: