A Comprehensive Guide to Best Simi Valley Things To Do

Choosing Which Simi Valley Things To Do is Perfect For You!

Simi Valley, the hidden treasure of Southern California, is situated amidst the majestic Santa Susana Mountains. This city is renowned for its natural beauty, illustrious history, and diverse recreational activities. In this curated guide, we will explore the wonders of this charming city and reveal the best setlist of Simi Valley things to do!

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Why Simi Valley Should Be Your Next Destination

Simi Valley combines outdoor adventures, cultural discoveries, and culinary delights, making it a versatile California vacation spot for all traveler types.

Before we delve into Simi Valley’s attractions, let’s become better acquainted with this delightful city. Simi Valley, located in Ventura County, boasts a year-round Mediterranean climate, making it a desirable destination in California. With a population known for its warm hospitality, the area welcomes visitors with open arms.

Natural Attractions

The Stunning Santa Susana Mountains

As you arrive in Simi Valley, you’ll be immediately struck by the breathtaking Santa Susana Mountains that dominate the landscape. These majestic peaks offer hiking opportunities for all levels of adventurers, from scenic trails suitable for beginners to challenging routes that lead to panoramic vistas.

The Western-Themed Corriganville Park

For movie buffs and nature lovers, Corriganville Park is a must-visit. Once a famous movie ranch where Hollywood legends like Roy Rogers filmed their westerns, this park now provides a unique blend of history and outdoor beauty. Explore the remnants of film sets while enjoying hiking, picnicking, and wildlife sightings on site! It is a must-try experience since your bucket list won’t be complete without this one!

Hiking Adventures in Rocky Peak Park

Explore the wilderness wonderland of Rocky Peak Park, featuring diverse trails through rugged terrain, offering unique rock formations and breathtaking vistas. Keep your camera ready, as the photo opportunities here are endless!

Picnicking at Santa Susana Pass State Historic Park

Looking for a tranquil spot to enjoy a picnic with loved ones? Santa Susana Pass State Historic Park offers serene settings amidst nature. Pack your favorite snacks and relax in the shade of oak trees, all while soaking in the beauty of the surrounding hills.


Museums and Historical Sites

The Iconic Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

A visit to Simi Valley is not complete without seeing the renowned Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. Discover the life and impact of the 40th U.S. President, Ronald Reagan, through captivating exhibits, including a full-size Oval Office replica, and enjoy panoramic city views.

Strathearn Historical Park and Museum

Step back in time at Strathearn Historical Park and Museum. This living history museum provides a glimpse into Simi Valley’s past with its well-preserved historic buildings and engaging exhibits. Don’t miss the opportunity to see how life was lived in the early days of California!

The Simi Adobe: A Glimpse into California’s Past

For a deeper dive into California’s history, visit The Simi Adobe. This adobe house, dating back to 1795, offers guided tours that transport you to the Spanish and Mexican eras. It’s a fascinating look at the region’s heritage. The Simi Adobe stands as the most ancient structure in Simi Valley that remains intact!


Arts and Culture

Simi Valley Studio Channel Islands Art Center

Art enthusiasts will find solace at the Simi Valley Studio Channel Islands Art Center. This creative hub showcases the works of talented local artists and offers art classes for those looking to tap into their own artistic potential. It’s a beautiful place to appreciate and support the local art scene.

Simi Valley Symphony

For those who appreciate the beauty of classical music, attending a performance by the Simi Valley Symphony is a must. This talented orchestra, composed of local musicians, presents exceptional concerts throughout the year. Enjoy an evening of timeless melodies and symphonic excellence.


Family-Friendly Activities

Enjoy and Appreciate Art

Head to the Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center for a dose of culture and entertainment! This city gem hosts various live performances such as musicals, plays, and concerts. It’s a fantastic way to spend an evening with the family, enjoying the arts.

But the Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center isn’t just about performances. It is also a place where creativity thrives. Check out their workshops and classes, ranging from acting to dance, and let your artistic side shine. Who knows? You might discover a hidden talent!

Explore the Animal World at America’s Teaching Zoo

Animal lovers, rejoice! America’s Teaching Zoo, located at Moorpark College, just a stone’s throw from Simi Valley, is a delightful attraction for visitors of all ages. Get up close and personal with a diverse range of animals and even catch educational shows featuring the zoo’s resident stars.

Simi Valley Things To Do In Parks: Fun for Kids and Adults

Simi Valley is dotted with numerous parks, including Vista Del Arroyo Park, Sycamore Park, and Rancho Tapo Community Park. These family-friendly spaces offer endless recreation opportunities. Whether you’re into picnicking, playing sports, or simply enjoying a leisurely stroll, Simi Valley’s parks have you covered. Keep an eye out for community events and festivals hosted in these green spaces throughout the year!

Simi Valley Things To Do For Shopping and Dining

Retail Therapy Galore

Indulge in some retail therapy at the Simi Valley Town Center. This open-air shopping complex boasts many shops, from fashion boutiques to specialty stores. After a day of shopping, treat yourself to a delectable meal at one of the center’s restaurants.

Culinary Delights and Restaurants You Can’t Miss

Simi Valley is a culinary destination with diverse dining options, including Mexican, Italian, and American cuisine to please every palate. Be sure to sample some of the local specialties! Among the must-visit dining places in the community are Reagan Country Cafe, Eggs’ N’ Things, and Ali Baba Cafe.

Farmers’ Markets!

Explore the local farmers’ markets for a taste of Simi Valley’s farm-fresh produce and artisanal goods. These markets are a treasure trove of fresh fruits, vegetables, handmade crafts, and more. It’s an opportunity to support local farmers and artisans while enjoying the vibrant community atmosphere.


Outdoor Recreation

Tee Off in Paradise

Golf enthusiasts, don’t forget to pack your clubs! Simi Valley is home to some outstanding golf courses where you can tee off amidst stunning natural surroundings. Be sure to take a swing at one of the stunning courses in the city, including Simi Hills Golf Course, Sinaloa Golf Course, and Wood Ranch Golf Club, for a complete experience!

Discover the charm and excitement of Simi Valley with these top activities and attractions, ensuring an unforgettable visit to this Southern California gem. Learn more about the fun and enjoyable things to do in the area by visiting our website at https://buyahomeinsimivalley.com/simi-valley-things-to-do/.